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Двоякие чуйства

вот с одной стороны очень жаль, что концерт отменили. Но, с другой, понятно по бейсбольному турниру, что реально Токио Дом не в самом лучшем виде, а что тогда с другими концертными залами. И не может центр радоваться жизни, когда так страдают его территории.

Но, мальчики, Я с вами (и душой и тельцем)!!!

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Marching J attracts 100,000 fans on its first day

Submitted by Kade on April 1, 2011 - 23:36

What will you get if you put the Johnny's talents in one stage for a day? A huge crowd of fans.

The day 1 of the 3 days Johnny's fundraising event attracts more than 10,000 fans and its just starting.

Kattun, Arashi,Tokio, News, KinKi kids and Masahiko Kondo went to the stage set up infront of the the donation boxes to give their messages to their fans and to give encouragement to the survivors of the disaster.

The event is so successful that the cold weather did not stop all the fans to support their respective idols and to be united for a cause.

The coolest thing about this event is that it didn't use too much electricity than the usual concert event since they didnt use much lights or other equipments that contains high watts or voltage.

When you watch the event you will get a card with all the JE talents signature on it:) how cool is that.

Let's all march to the Yoyogi National Gymnasium and let us all see the land of the rising sun shining once again.

‘Let’s walk together toward the recovery.” - Mr. Johnny Kitagawa

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